Gracious Winner

Some people are thoughtful…very thoughtful.  I am often ashamed by my “good thoughts but never good actions” approach.

After our loss to Polka Dot Press in National Retail Federation’s “This is Retail” video contest (still top!) – I got a call from our local florist, Town & Country.  They said they had a delivery for me.  ME?  I kept thinking…who from?

Then this beautiful arrangement arrives:

Who could they be from?  Not my birthday…anniversary is not here…hmmm…and the card says:

Kim and staff from The Polka Dot Press!  It may not be the first prize of $25,000 – but it has its own reward.  Thanks guys!  And good luck in the Top 5!


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About Heart 'n Home

Entertaining...decorating...and imagining the possibilities of life - I try to bring those things into our retail shoppe in Laurens, Iowa. Even more fun is sharing them with you!
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One Response to Gracious Winner

  1. Julie- It was a pleasure to have such a wonderful opponent… I know we will keep in touch to “talk shop”. Best of luck with your event!

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